Month: September 2023

How Does Hot Stone Massage Work?

Hot stone massage is an incredibly relaxing treatment. It relieves stress and pain, and supports the body’s natural detoxification processes. During the massage, the stones are placed on the bare skin and manipulated with gentle pressure and deep kneading. They are typically heated to about 110 degrees. It is important for the massage therapist to…

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Pensacola Home Builder Open Houses

Local homebuilders can help you find a new construction home that suits your lifestyle. Visit a model home in your area to learn about current incentives available with your new-home purchase. Pensacola's mayor-council form of government features an elected mayor and a seven-member city council. Learn about the different positions and responsibilities. 1. Make an…

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Sump Pump Backup Systems: Installation and Repair Essentials

Powering sump pumps with battery backup systems allows them to continue operating even if the home’s electricity fails during a storm. This goes a long way towards protecting homes from water damage that can be devastating. Most battery backup sump pumps require annual maintenance to ensure their batteries are working properly. This involves checking the…

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